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Kim Darst was born and raised in Blairstown, New Jersey.  In 1987, at the age of seventeen, she became the youngest helicopter pilot in the world.  She currently owns three airplanes and three helicopters and operates Husky Haven Airport in South Montrose, Pennsylvania.


“Wings Rotors & Paws” is Kim Darst’s business motto and that says it all!  Kim is a helicopter pilot by trade.  She owns and operates a flight school in northwestern New Jersey and also has an airport in northeastern Pennsylvania called “Husky Haven Airport”.

Kim became intrigued with flying during a childhood helicopter tour of the Grand Canyon.  By the time she was 17 she had earned her pilot’s license and flew herself to her own high school graduation.  For years Kim held the record as the youngest licensed pilot in the world.  Her passion became her career and she currently owns seven airplanes and three

For the aviation enthusiasts, her craft specifically include:  one Cessna 172s, a J-3 Cub, Bell Jetranger 206, a Bell 47, and a Schweizer 300C. In the early 1990's Kim’s work took her to the great state of Alaska where she discovered the joy and thrill of the state sport, dog sledding.  Obscure as it might be in New Jersey, Kim
recognized an opportunity to fill the long flight-free winters with a new found passion.  She returned to the Garden State with every intention of running dogs in it. 

Kim’s quest started with just two Samoyeds, and when she announced that she wanted to pursue racing she received a priceless gift.  One of her flight students purchased an Alaskan Husky for her: a racing sled dog from the kennel of the legendary four-time Iditarod winner, Susan Butcher.  Today Kim’s kennel consists of 50 Alaskan Huskies, all but three of them from Susan Butcher’s lines. 

In 2009 the Husky Haven Race Team pulled Kim and her packed sled out of the starting chute and into Iditarod XXXVII.   As they hit that famous trail they also launched Kim Darst into history again, this time as the first musher from New Jersey to ever embark on Alaska’s historical and unpredictable “Last Great Race on Earth.”

Today Kim lives in the UP of Michigan where they count snow by the feet instead of inches with her sled dogs.


Helicopter Flight Instruction:

Our instruction is given by a certified flight instructor for 30 years. We have a S300 helicopter that is great for instruction. It has dual controls so you can take control and see what is it like to fly safely. -We give a 1/2 hour intro-flight which includes a preflight, 1/2 hour flight, and post-flight. The cost is *$200.00 USD. You should plan on being at the heliport for at least 3 hours.
We also recommend this for those that have never flown in a helicopter.


Helicopter Scenic Tour: 

Our scenic rides are just beautiful and you should bring a camera. The Kingston plains which was destroyed by fire, pristine lakes, and the Great Lake Superior from the air. The cost of an hour in the helicopter is *$450.00 USD. 


UTV (Utility Terrain Vehicle) Scenic Tours:

There is nothing like going on a UTV tour. Being in the middle of no where that only can be accessed by four wheelers. Enjoy having a picinic lunch while overlooking Lake Superior. See abandoned cabins and old logging camps that existed in the late 1800's. Kingston plains stumps where the fire burnt so hot nothing regenerates, the vast wonderful wilderness of the UP. Learn more about the Kingston Plains by clicking here.

There are two UTV tours:

The short ride which is one hour and cost *$50.00 USD. a person. See the Kingston plains, highest point and Clyde lake.

The longer tour is 2 1/2 to 3 hours and you see the locations in the short tour, but also go up to beaver basin overlook to see Lake Superior. We can stop and have lunch. Cost is *$80.00 USD. a person.


We can also do custom flying or UTV tours. Call for details 

*Pricing Disclaimer:

Reasonable efforts are made to maintain accurate pricing. Pricing shown here may not be 100% accurate. We will make every effort to keep this website current and to correct errors brought to our attention. Rates, fees and other information are subject to change at any time without notice. Also, the posted rates and fees on the site may not immediately reflect such changes. Please contact us for current pricing. An example of change in rates can be due to an increase in fuel cost. That would force us to increase our rates.

Dogsledding Tours:

You can go to our other website for more information. This happens to be one of our favorite and extremely popular tour. This tour is only available when the temperature is below 50 degrees.


We also offer Dog-Sled Tours (Seasonal) - CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO 
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